Rezervoare siloz rectangulare TC/L

Rezervoare siloz rectangulare TC/L
  • rectangular tank in steel frame
  • Tank: UV-stabilised polyethylen, food safe
  • produced in rotation moulding, without welding points
  • colour: Nature-transparency. colour black with surcharge
  • inserted scale
  • Screwingcap in Polypropylen with vent
  • emptying: R2" (optional R1" - R4")
  • Steelframe stackable (excepting type AP)
  • Steelframe powdercoated, galvanised or in stainless steel
TypeLid typeWide mmLength mmHeight mmCone DegreeVolume litersFisa tehnica
TC 05/LCPF-20034034011109050Descarca
TC 1R/LCPF-200495495112590115Descarca
TC 1/LCPF-200495495145590180Descarca
TC 2/LCPF-200495495160590200Descarca
TC 4/LCPM-300730730125590370Descarca
TC 5/LCPM-3008001200139090510Descarca
TR 5/LCPM-300750750155590520Descarca
TC 6/LCPF-4108951260149590640Descarca
TC 7/LCPF-41010001200152090700Descarca
TC 10/LCPF-410112011201875901010Descarca
TC 11/LCPF-410121012101865901080Descarca
TC 13/LCPF-410112011202160901350Descarca
TC 14/LCPF-410121012102115901400Descarca
TC 18/LCPF-410121012102350901700Descarca
TC 17/LCPF-410112011202500901740Descarca
TC 20/LCPF-410117511752630902080Descarca
TC 21/LCPF-410121012102590902100Descarca
TC 24/LCPF-410117511752970902400Descarca
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